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The Hurst pool technicians with Noahs Pool Service provide pool service, pool cleaning, and pool repair services in the Hurst area.

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What's included in our service?

Pool Cleaning

  • Vacuuming Pool
  • Brushing Pool walls, tile, steps
  • Netting Pool

Maintaining Pool Circulation

  • Cleaning Pool Skimmer and Pump Baskets
  • Backwashing Pool Filter DE and Sand Filters
  • Verifying Equipment pump, timer, pressure, leaks

Checking Automatic Pool Sweep

  • Cleaning Pool Sweep bag, filter
  • Cleaning Wall Screen
  • Verifying Pool Sweep Operation

Balancing Pool Water & Pool Chemistry

  • Testing Pool Water and Total Disolving Solids
  • Adding Pool Chemicals Balancing Water
  • All Maintenance Chemicals Included
Included with the Full Service Plan
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Maintenance Chemicals Included

There might be additional startup charges for initial cleaning & treatment.

And Filter Cleanings
Every 6/months for only $89 each

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  Hurst, TX Pool Service 817-269-4520

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See our 23 Point Pool Maintenance Program to get more details about what's included in our service.

Hurst, TX Noahs Pool Service monthly rates vary slightly from area to area and can depend on the pool environment and in some cases the size of the pool.

Both of our pool service plans include cleaning, maintenance, chemicals and minerals. If you have a spa connected to your pool all pool services listed include your pool/spa combo. The Partial Service Plan does not include netting and vacuuming.


Community Spotlight

We offer pool service to pool owners in Hurst and nearby cities. See more of our pool service areas or feel free to call 817-269-4520 to find out if we service your area.


Hurst Pool Owners

Did you know...?

You can make a request anytime to have us perform pool repairs, replace any worn-out pool equipment, or do a special service on your pool in Hurst. Our Hurst Pool Repair Technician will let you know upfront what the charges will be for any pool repair service call, labor and parts.

See more about our Hurst Pool Repair service.